Shame on our stupid government!

imagesThe best thing we can do is to have compassion for those unintelligent people still living in whims and fancies of getting hidden treasure out! This is indisputably the greatest act of stupidity!
You would have read that puffed up information these days somewhere in the news papers or have seen that being shown in the news channels.  I am sure that plenty of sensible individuals would have started making fun of our country since the news have gone viral that our stupid government decided to initiate a brainless and ridiculous act of digging for treasure after a so called Hindu sage dreamt that 1,000 tons of gold was buried under a ruined palace!

I have been discussing this with my friends and none of them are of the opinion that ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) should have done such foolish thing. Are we so irrational that we believe that such dream can come true and there can actually be treasure buried somewhere?
The conventional definition of dream says that “dream” is a story of reminiscence along with blurred experience during sleep. Dreams are nothing but dramas that our minds create and this is mainly owing to the fact that our self-imaginations are boundless and nothing is keeping us alert. At least, I do not have any inspiration whether dreams have any hidden signs or information, furthermore, during my entire life; I have not seen anyone claiming that his/her dream came true or it had any kind of specific sign of information. I, certainly, heard some stories, however I was a bit sure that those were just stories and there was no genuineness in them. I always believe in my no non-sense stand-point, which doesn’t allow me to accept any such super-natural things as true. For me, things that science doesn’t accept or it does and I am not aware of that, do not exist or are not possible! The foremost reason for such brusqueness is probably the fact that I have never experienced any such mystical thing in my life.
Anyway, coming back to the point regarding our stupid government, I would say that when we are leading towards a new era of science and technology, it is really shameful that our government believed in such fake Yogi and started digging to get the treasure.  That fake person stated that – “I cried the day I realized that India is going to collapse economically,” I would ask to that Yogi what the hell he can do to save the collapsed economy, other than dreaming! We certainly need to come out of this kind of ill-thoughts and should concentrate on individual development eventually leading to a developed nation.
Further to this, people have thronged there, media has, as always, started getting benefitted from such ill-hyped news! The height of fallacy is that people have started brawling for their share out of this treasure once found. We should pray to God that they should be taught that the treasure is in the hard-work, it is in the Karma, there can’t be hidden treasure like this and putting efforts to search for that is merely non-sense! This baba talks about Chhupa Dhan and the other baba (Ramdev) talks about Kala Dhan and both act in that way to demonstrate insanity and nothing else, at least I consider so.  For all these reasons, I have sturdily started believing that India will never become what we want her to be unless we have people like these babas in our country.
Let’s stay away from believing in all these stories!
Jay Hind!

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