Role of alternative media in strengthening democracy

Media, the fourth pillar of democracy seems to be shattering. Over last 2 decades electronic media has progressed from a few hours of news reading on Door Darshan to around 400 TV channels with 24 hour coverage. In spite of this phenomenal growth in Media, has democracy in India strengthened? On the contrary Indian democracy is at its nadir.

What went wrong? Is there a way out? Can social media be good enough? Is there need for any kind of censorship over social media? What can we achieve by having alternative media like Awaz Aap Ki?

All these questions were discussed at length by competent people. Surajit Dasgupta – a very senior journalist, Yogesh Mandhani – a social activist, Avinash Kumar – IT head of Awaz Aap Ki participated in the debate.

Watch the full debate in above video.

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