Reservations – Why, for whom and for how long?

Cast based reservations has always been a topic of discussion, be it in society or on social media. Lot of politicians do raise concerns about it and advocate reservations based on financial status. But when it comes to policy making none of the existing political parties dare to make any changes.

Awaz Aap Ki had a very useful discussion on the issue. Deepak Mittal – National president of Jaago Party, Parashar Sharma – National President of Samta Andolan and Dr Rakesh Parikh – Secretory, Aam Aadmi Party Rajasthan participated in the debate.

Jaago Party is completely against reservations of any kind, while Aam Aadmi Party is proponent of some changes in reservation policy so that benefits can be extended to the deserving people. Samta Andolan though has been fighting a legal battle against reservations in promotions, appreciated the stand of Aam Aadmi Party and agreed that its the only practical solution to this political issue.

Deepak Mittal made it clear that Jaago Party is of the opinion that government should ensure that every Indian is provided quality education and all essential facilities but he is totally against any kind of reservation.

Dr Parikh argued that in a vast country like India with rampant corruption, economic status cannot currently be made the criteria for reservations. He suggested that any one who has utilized the benefit of reservations once and have joined mainstream should not be provided reservation in future along with his dependents. By doing so, the deserving people from backward community can get a chance. He feels by following this policy gradually we would be able to bring everyone in mainstream gradually. He also suggested that in current form the benefits of reservations do not reach the really deserving people, them having to compete with well to do people from their own community.

Watch the full debate in video above.

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