Strategy behind not naming Rahul Gandhi as PM Candidate

Rahul Gandhi as PM candidate

Rahul Gandhi as PM candidate

When Congress wins a Municipal Ward seat, The credit of that victory is given to Rahul Gandhi, and when Congress is wiped out in 4 states, Congress says Rahul Gandhi is no way responsible for this defeat. By not naming him as PM candidate, Congress wants to keep a door open for Rahul Gandhi when party looses Loksabha Elections this year. If Congress wins elections, it will claim Rahul brought that Victory to party and If it looses, Congress leaders will say that they had made biggest mistake by not naming him as PM candidate.

Indian Politics is all about keeping reasons ready for failures, because when you succeed, none ask about reasons of success. But reasons are kept ready because questions and reasons are asked only when you fail. At this point of time where Congress has lost in 4 states, there is full of Anti incumbency, Corruption has become a major electoral factor and above all people want a new kind of politics which Congress has failed to deliver, Congress has no option other than to keep secret doors open so that blame of failure does not fall on Gandhi Family. Congress wants to keep Gandhi Family away from blame of defeat because they feel Gandhi’s are only saviors of Congress and only USP of party.

Rahul Gandhi is trying hard to bring change in Congress. He is meeting Different sections of Society to decide the agenda for Congress Electoral manifesto. But the culture of Congress is that they are reluctant to change. If Congress feels that the name Gandhi will fetch them votes in lok sabha elections, they fooling themselves. Now people ask questions and they continue to ask questions until they are not answered satisfactorily. Above all neither Rahul gandhi is charismatic leader, nor he his talks match to his abilities to execute them. So hoping that RRahul Gandhi will bring a winnable change in congress is a impossible dream. Even if Rahul wants to bring positive changes in Congress, the corrupt, insensitive and arrogant advisers to Gandhi family will do every thing to stop Rahul.

The century old party is now in deep trouble. A fresh set of leaders, a complete change in style of working, involvement of party workers in decision making and execution of Anti Corruption Agenda is required for the party. Not just Congress, All parties need these changes, else they will have to face Delhi kind of electoral verdict where people will be forced to chose new people irrespective of their experience or abilities.

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