Meaning of NOTA for Indian Voters!


More than 60 lakhs votes of the total polled in LS election, 2014 went to NOTA (None of the above) that is 1% of total votes! 4.4 lakhs Gujarat citizens pressed NOTA button, maximum of them from rural areas, yes not from urban Gujarat!

This meant, these voters determined, got ready, went to the booth, got into the queue, reached polling machine, and voted NOTA.

In previously conducted Vidhan Sabha election in 6 states, number of NOTA votes were 14 lakhs! That means, number of NOTA voters relatively were not large on all India level, yet this number cannot be ignored. This is more relevant, when one understands the teeth less NOTA. SC had rejected the plea to make NOTA more powerful by rejecting the winner if he gets less than NOTA votes, and go for fresh election.

This is something emerging new in Indian democracy. Even if NOTA remains powerless, its effect will be telling on the “biggest democratic country in the world” if its percentage rises and surely it will rise. Legally Indian politicians and their financiers, namely the big corporates and MNCs/FDIs, electronic media, etc will still claim victory of democracy but morally they will be rejected by the people. Even separatists, terrorists will join and may even force many individuals to refrain from voting and weaken our parliamentary democracy, which is already hollow due extreme corruption, crime, notwithstanding the present victory of BJP!

This is alarming, not for the political parties as they are like ostrich and have become more arrogant after the failure of rise of people for JLPB in 2012 and the failure of AAP to emerge as an alternate but for the people themselves who want a new India, which must provide employment, respectful life to them!

In short, NOTA is an instrument in the hands of people of India to reject the parliamentary democracy, reject the present system without even uniting under some revolutionary party and making a path for people’s democracy! This is not day dreaming, but very soon, may be in the present Vidhan Sabha election, NOTA may emerge as 3rd largest party and threaten the very foundation of pseudo Indian democracy!!

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