Google transparency report: India ranks 2nd in seeking user data

googleGoogle has just released its biannual Transparency Report for the period of January to June 2013. For everyone information, Google Transparency Report discloses the number of requests that Google receive from governments and courts around the world in six-month periods. The report also talks about how many such requests were complied by Google and how many of them were not.

Top 5 Countries seeking user data

If you go through the latest report, you will find that United states of America tops the list of the countries that seek user data from Google.The top five countries seeking user data from Google for January to June 2013 are :

  1. United States
  2. India
  3. Germany
  4. France
  5. United Kingdom

top Countries user dataIn the said period, US made 10,918 requests, whereas India made 2691 requests, Germany 2311 requests, France 2011 requests and United Kingdom 1274 requests.

User Requests by India (2nd on the list)

The runner up in the list as visible from above is India which comes just after US in terms of seeking user data from Google. The user requests by India each year has been growing quite steadily. As visible from the graph below, the number has grown quite considerable in last 2-3 years. The data below depicts the user request by Indian Govt for 6 months each.

India userdata requestsIn terms of user accounts, 4161 user accounts data was requested through these requests by India. Out of all the requests, Google complied fully or partially with 64% of the requests.

What it means for common man like You

If you go through the data, it is clearly visible that Governments are trying to get as much user data as possible, considering the fact that it is very tough for governments to control or censor the world wide web or internet even though some portion of the data accessed using the channel above is used for National security.

Source: Google Transparency Report

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