A checklist: when you go to vote in Delhi 2013 elections

awaz_1 (300x143)Only 19 days to go for most awaited Delhi elections. Many believe that the fight is head on between Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Congress & BJP (together). Here is a checklist to keep in mind before you press the button to elect a candidate. Remember,  the AAP’s CM candidate is an ex-IRS Arvind Kejariwal, while Ms. Shiela Dixit and Dr. Harsh vardhan repectively represent Congress and BJP. Choice is your’s but read this checklist because the nation is watching you !

1. Don’t forget the INR 70000 crore mega scam during commonwealth games.

2. Don’t forget that no major hospital has been build/opened in Delhi during the last 15 years.

3. Don’t forget that there is no way to get good education in government schools. Most of the schools do not have teachers, proper roofs, infrastructure, clean toilets, transport, and playgrounds. Not a single government school can be compared with private schools.

4. Don’t forget Nirbhaya, and how the government of Delhi has replied. The CM Shiela said, “Delhi police does not come under Delhi government”.

5. Don’t forget that the water taps at your home run dry but you can still buy water tankers. There is no problem of water but mafia-government nexus is responsible for your day tap.

6.. Don’t forget the roads around your house, are they still broken ?

7. Remember how the electricity rates have soared during the last decade. An analysis suggests half electricity rates as compared to what you are paying today. Who is getting rich with your money ? Some leaders and some corporate houses.

8. Don’t forget the corrupt DDA, and the garbage that lies around your house because the MCD refuses to work. The street lights around your house don’t work most of the time.

9. Don’t forget that the CP was supposed to be renovated before the CWG games. Renovation is still waiting to be completed.

10. Remember how clean the areas are where ministers live ? Why cant we get the same standard of living ?

11. Don’t forget  that you spend more time stuck in jams than doing your work or staying with family.

12. Don’t forget  how Delhi gets flooded in just one rain, and India’s best airport starts leaking when it rains.

13. Remember that when BJP lost the last elections, AAP was not even present. They just don’t have the power to defeat congress.

14. Don’t forget that Delhi, being international city, Delhi does not have even basic amenities like toilets.

15. Remember how badly Delhi’s traffic is managed because the police is not under the govt, and the very same government failed to bring any traffic policy in last 15 yrs.

16. Don’t forget that you pay bribes for almost everything you want from government officials.

Wish you great next 5 years in Delhi, and a long awaited change.

– Manish Paul (the author is an AAP volunteer)

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