End of Janlokpal Movement?

Janlokpal Movement

Janlokpal Movement -Aug/2011

Anna started his fast demanding Janlokpal bill on 10th of this month. Nation had a assumption that this time Anna will not compromise and he will get a strong Lokpal for India. But from Day 3 of his fast, there was a change in tone of Anna. Dr. Kiran Bedi Openly Supported the Governments version of Lokpal on TV debates and also claimed that Anna is also ready to accept the similar version. In next days Anna also openly agreed to Govt’s Version of Lokpal and it came as a shock to many. Many people say that Government was anyway ready for passage of its version of lokpal, what was the necessity of Anna’s Fast?

When Political alternative was decided after July-2012 Agitation at Jantar Mantar, IAC was divided in to three groups. one went with Anna (Agitation route of Serving India), second went with Arvind Kejriwal ( Political way of Serving India) and a third group which contained people who became completely inactive. During this Fast of Anna at Ralegan Siddhi, All three groups were closely observing the developments at Delhi as well as At Ralegan. But today two groups feel betrayed. Arvind’s Group (Now AAP Supporters) felt betrayed because they thought that Anna will fight for Janlokpal on streets and they will fight for it in Parliament with both complimenting each other indirectly, but Anna is now happy with govt’s version of lokpal and says if you want to strengthen it, fight for it on your own. The group which became Inactive feels betrayed because they never expected Anna compromising with Janlokpal.

Many people feel that Anna’s this fast is mutual conspiracy of BJP and Congress to make demand of Janlokpal irrelevant by passing a weak lokpal (They assume that people of this country do not know he difference in Lokpal bill and Janlokpal bill, to an extent their assumption is real). Anna has been badly used by Congress and BJP. Anna wanted to remain apolitical and this is why he disallowed his association with AAP. But Now he is being used by BJP and Congress to kill the Janlokpal Movement and parties are successful in their attempt. A weak Lokpal was passed by Rajyasabha yesterday and Anna enjoyed it. This was the similar bill which Anna Burnt in front of 30000+ audiance at Azaad Maidan, Mumbai on 9 Aug-2011.

I had word with a IAC colleague who became in active after Janlokpal Movement took a turn and went in electoral politics. He said that he feels betrayed when sees Anna accepting a weak Lokpal and compromising with Janlokpal. I have mutual feeling. I feel that apolitical way of getting Janlokpal bill passed is now over.

Anna has a history of making U turns on his statements and deeds. He said yes to political alternative and went back on his words. He said he will fight for nothing less than Janlokpal, and today he is fine with the Government’s Version of Lokpal bill. I would like Anna to make a U turn again. This time he should say Government version of lokpal is weak and needs to be replaced by Janlokpal. The possibility of his U turn is narrow as he has written a letter to Rahul Gandhi with a CC to PM and Sonia. But for Anna nothing is impossible, If he can make U turn from what he said at jantar mantar about political alternative, he can do it with Govt’s Lokpal. But with series of U turns, he has damaged his credibility. And Many feel, with acceptance to this Lokpal, he has damaged his credibility which is not repairable.

The matter of passing of Janlokpal is still in dark. Anna Said he will die if Janlokpal is not passed, but later agreed to a weaker version of lokpal. Now questions which arise are what will be the future of Janlokpal Agitation led by Anna Hazare? Will this nation accept the governments version of lokpal or it will understand the difference in lokpal and Janlokpal? Is it the End of Anna’s Janlokpal Movement as Anna is now satisfied with a comparatively weaker version of Lokpal? Who will claim credit of getting lokpal bill passed, Anna or Rahul gandhi? And the most Important question, Will India get rid of corruption with this Lokpal Bill?

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