Delhi Govt Nursery Admission Helpline: Reality Check

Delhi Govt Nursery Admission HelplineReality check of Delhi Govt Nursery Admission Helpline by a Awaz Aapki reader Rakesh Chawla.

I Went to around 30 schools and I found one school forcing applicants to buy prospectus for Rs 500 instead of government prescribed fees of Rs 25. I decided not to file form with this school. I filed complaint with nursery admissions helpline (011-2735 2525) on 31-jan 2014 vide Id No. 2014012181. And got the reply that complaint will be resolved within 3 days.

I received reply on 3-feb-2014 that school will not force anyone and we can get the form at Rs 25 only. Just for checking if its true, went to the school again and found that  now the school is really charging only Rs 25 for the Prospectus from everyone.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Education Minister Manish Sisodia had launched the telephone Helpline for parents to answer queries and register their grievances related to the Nursery admission process on January 13th 2014. While Launching the Helpline Sisodia said “Parents can register their complaints regarding any school by calling the helpline. Their grievances would be addressed in three working days”. And after the reality check, the commitment of minister appears to be true.

Kejriwal government had also launched a Anti Corruption helpline to catch the officials red handed in case they accept bribe. Many Delhi citizens are of opinion that because of this helpline, corruption has come down in Delhi. If you have any good or bad experience about work done by new Government in Delhi, Please share with us. We will Authenticate the information and publish it in form of article on


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