Delhi! Please vote for yourself

delhi electionsThe mass movement that started in 2011 has now taken a conclusive turn with the Delhi Elections of 2013. The transition has been enormous, from a philosophical revolution to a political struggle. Though surviving in a political battlefield, dominated by money and muscle power, was not at all an easy task. But the determination and dreams of common man brought Aam Aadmi Party to unexplored avenues.

Today AAP has changed the dynamics of Indian politics. From funding to campaigning, it has challenged every conventional idea of politics. How could AAP be such a huge force in an insignificant period of just one year? First reason undoubtedly is the fierce passion and sheer hard work of the volunteers. These volunteers are not paid sycophants and propagandists. Rather they are the exploited common men of India who are tired of cynicism. Many have turned down their jobs, some have left their studies, others have come away from their families with no consideration in their mind other than nation building. AAP is a party based on sacrifice and devotion. Though there is a rational and logic behind working for the party, the emotional urge to contribute in the country’s second struggle for independence remains an important factor.

The second reason is the party’s commitment to be transparent, accessible and accountable. Even when it was nowhere in the political scenario, people considered it approachable (like in the case of rape of a 5 year old). It has caught the imagination of the people. It fills the void that the conservative parties created. Also it doesn’t recognize itself with any social, religious, regional or ethnic group; rather it is a party of the common men and women, the class which was neglected for long in the battle between different groups. This political movement also played an important role in disseminating political and legal consciousness, the absence of which renders political tools futile. Therefore the party is still taking the pains to explain common people the provisions of its manifesto through real or virtual discourses.

Then the fearlessness of Aam Aadmi Party and its leaders is adorable. Days after the inception of the party, a series of exposes (or poll khol) were done which shook the people in power. These people are neither afraid of challenging influential politicians nor rich capitalists. The implications of this were obviously gruesome, ranging from raids, threats, inquiries to the murder of a candidate. But could this deter AAP from the path of righteousness? Obviously not, after every incident it came out even stronger and fearless. Earlier the conventional political parties considered AAP a minute structure. It was only few days before the elections that they realized the power of common men and immediately took to cheap tactics like illegal funding allegations, doctored CDs, Farzi sting operations, coercive letters and what not. But AAP came out clean on every allegation and their tactics bounced back on them. As Arvind says, “We have nothing, but only the power of truth and honesty”. And this power has proved to be above all the dishonest forces.

Thus this time Delhi Assembly Elections are neither just Delhi’s nor just elections. People from all over the world have put their lives, careers and livelihoods on stake for these elections. Also this election is not amongst different political parties; rather the choice is between the corrupt system and the common people. As AAP says, it is a dharmyuddh. Even after the restless efforts of Aam Aadmi Party, if the result is negative; it would then be difficult (if not impossible) for a common person to hope. So this time, “Delhi! Please vote for yourself.”

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