Decentralization is on top priority in AAP Manifesto

aapkamenifesto1New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has announced its manifesto today. The manifesto promises all manner of good things in several areas which may be hard to fulfill in 5 years but not impossible.

Decentralization of power tops the priority list. Bringing control of police under Delhi government to improve the law and order situation in the capital has given a high place in the party’s manifesto for the Delhi Assembly polls 2013.

Cheaper electricity with a reduction up to 50% of what Delhi pays today, and a strict Delhi Lokpal bill are among the promises AAP is making. We will change the entire system of electricity distribution which is at present being manipulated by power discoms,” Prof. Yadav promised during the announcement of manifesto.

aapkamenifesto2During the announcement of AAP manifesto, political expert Prof. Yogendra Yadav said the party will undertake a fist ever “radical experiment” of decentralizing the power by organizing “mohalla sabhas” to hear what common people expect from their representatives.

According to the manifesto, the “Mohalla sabhas” will be given a fair amount of funds every year so that the people can decide what they want for them self as a citizen of that area. The decisions will not be taken by the public representatives or officials but buy the common people itself. The public representatives or officials will be forced to implement the generous wishes of the common people,” Prof. Yadav told reporters.

To read the entire text of the manifesto click here.

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