Arvind is honest and non-corrupt – Anna Hazare

Anna writes letter to kejriwalAfter a lot of media hype about Anna Hazare’s letter to Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convener Arvind Kejriwal, Anna made it clear that he has never alleged Arvind Kejriwal of any financial irregularties. He further added that I just asked questions to Arvind based on the information recieved by me.

“If someone says Arvind Kejriwal and Anna Hazare are fighting, it is wrong. I never said Kejriwal is corrupt,” Anna Hazare told reporters.

Anna still had reservations on his name being used for political campaigning. Responding to this allegations Arvind Kejriwal clarified – “When I say Anna Hazare fasted for Janlokpal, it is a historical fact. People don’t understand Janlokpal, so I say Anna’s Lokpal bill. I always say it is not Anna’s party. Still if he (Anna Hazare) has objections, I will not use the term Anna’s Lokpal,” he told reporters.

Being saddened over the recent war of words on media Arvind further added “I have only earned honesty in my life and when my ‘Guru’ questions me, I feel sad. If there is any misappropriation, I will not fight the polls,” he said.

Dr Kumar Vishwas from AAP had told to reporters earlier after meeting Anna Hazare that he was shown some posters bearing Anna Hazare’s photographs, though no such posters were never printed or displayed anywhere by Aam Aadmi Party. He smelled some conspiracy behind all this.

In response to the question of Sim Cards in Anna’s name it has been clarified on several occassions that Anna SMS Cards were being sold only during Andolan days. Since the conceptualization of AAP, those cards were discontinued.

Overall there seems a desperate attmept to digrace the focus of poll bound state from real issues. Such frustration in established parties can be well anticipated considering the reults of numbers of opinion polls.

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