Awaz Aapki – Your Voice, Your Views, Your News

Awaz Aapki is a volunteer driven project initiated to provide a platform to the common people, the aam aadmi, to raise their issues, voice their opinions, and to get unbiased news that most matter to them. With the alternative media of common people, anybody can submit the news, articles, blogs, videos, and can even live stream any event one feels important using a 3G enabled smart phone. Awaz Aapki is by you and for you.

In the era of TRP influenced sensationalism and paid news, Awaz Aapki is an attempt to bring the world of news closer and more accessible to the common people. Awaz Aapki is not run by reporters or by paid employees but solely by common people like everyone of you who believe in change, honesty and truth. At Awaz Aapki we firmly believe that a medium independent from all kind of political and corporate restrictions can only ensure fair reporting & scrutiny. This a is step forward for empowering the freedom of expression for all.