AAP to file criminal defamation against Media Sarkar – Yogendra Yadav

Aam_Aadmi_PartyThe Aam Aadmi Party in a second press conference today said that the party will take action against the candidates only if the EC or any investigative agency found them guilty. “If Election Commission finds any member guilty, ticket of that candidate will be cancelled,” Prof. Yadav said on the Media Sarkar sting.

During the press conference, Prof. Yadav stated the following;

The sting operation seems to be a political conspiracy to create a bad image of the party.

The stinger’s (Media Sarkar) behaviour raises serious questions over the authenticity of the tapes released yesterday because they refused to provide the raw tapes for the investigation purposes.

The party will file defamation case against Media Sarkar.

We request the Election Commission of India to initiate a probe in next 48 hours so that the action may be taken against the guilty candidates. Any candidate who is found guilty will not be allowed to fight an election.

The AAP has said this morning that the tapes have been heavily doctored and insisted on the raw footage of the sting operation being handed over to them, failing which, it said it would launch legal proceedings against mediasarkar.com.

The website, mediasarkar.com, that conducted a sting operation on some leaders of the AAP, on Friday said that it would not hand over raw footage of the incident to the latter. The CEO of the web portal mediasarkar.com, Anuranjan Jha, was quoted by various television channels, as saying: “We will not hand over the tape to the AAP. Representatives of AAP can come to our offices to see the footage. The AAP is under public scrutiny now. What are the grounds for handing over the tape to the AAP.”

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