Why Aam Aadmi Party is not forming government?


Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has surprised not just established political parties but sections of media with a stunning debut in Delhi assembly elections. Political opponents who used to ridicule it calling as monsoon pests and gutter snipes were forced to acknowledge AAP as a challenge for them. People of Delhi may not have thought while voting against government that their mandate would be divided and might lead to a hung assembly. AAP made its stand very clear before going to polls that it would align neither with congress nor BJP. As expected immediately after results were out, congress extended its unconditional support to AAP. Why is AAP shying away from forming a government in delhi ?

Moral Ground:AAP has established its identity as a party with high moral values. AAP leaders made it very clear that we are not in politics for power rather we are here to change politics of the country. People have given us mandate for sitting in opposition and we would be happy playing role of a strong and constructive opposition.

Logistics:AAP has been formed with the very objective of passing laws like strong lokpal bill, right to recall, right to reject. Inertia in parties like congress and BJP for these issues is well known. AAP leadership has no hopes of passing any such bills with the support of any of these parties. To be in power without being able to fulfill promises made to people of Delhi would not be in their interest.

Political Philosophy :- Ambition of AAP to be an alternative to congress and BJP at a national level is well known. Having kind of alliance with these parties would be a dent to this goal. In the current mandate a huge number of anti-BJP voters have casted their vote to congress. Having devastated congress, AAP is hopeful of those voters shifting to AAP. With a swing of just 3% of vote share AAP has very high chances of getting a clear mandate.

Risk:With this stunning debut in Delhi people all over India are excited to see AAP in power. They would be disappointed if AAP doesn’t form government. If re-elections are held along with General election 2014, the voters who wanted to vote for Modi in loksabha but have voted for AAP in Delhi may vote for BJP in Delhi too. Congress and BJP would get a chance to blame AAP for pushing Delhi to re-elections, though Arvind Kejriwal says that the money spent in assembly polls is much less than the loss to exchequer with scandals the corrupt parties have been involved in. Its more cost effective to invest in polls so that a clean party gets clear mandate.

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